Alcadis presents Fibertop Wifibox on AngaCom 2015


Alcadis has teamed up with Ruckus Wireless on AngaCom 2015 to present their Fibertop Wifibox to the international cable industry. The Fibertop Wifibox is designed to easily deploy Wi-Fi access points on street cabinets and it offers cable operators a solid solution to extend their network and turn cable into WiFi Hotspots.

The Fibertop Wifibox is one of the newest innovations of Alcadis to support services providers in their wireless strategy. Over the years Alcadis had gained a lot of experience in implementing carrier grade Wi-Fi networks for indoor and outdoor environments. One of the challenges for an outdoor Wi-Fi network in municipalities is finding suitable locations to connect, mount and power the access point. Street cabinets now offer these locations to cable operators because of the Fibertop Wifibox.

Due to its nylon and fiber coating, the Fibertop Wifibox is designed to maintain an optimal Wi-Fi signal. Therefore the Ruckus Wireless access points can offer Wi-Fi connectivity up to 100 meter each way. This enables cable operators to make use of their assets and easily deploy multiple Fibertop Wifiboxes to cover city centers.

More information about the Fibertop Wifibox